Could this be the strongest nut ever?

No, it is not a nut that fell off a tree. Nor is it a nut that needs to be confined more or less permanently to a ward. Here we are referring to the hexnut. One clear way of finding out whether this could be the strongest nut ever for building and maintenance requirements is to have a quick look at its specifications. For obvious reasons to do with the shape and size of structures and tooling requirements, this nut comes in several categories.

There is the flat head hex body, measured in inch or metric form. This takes care of universal size differences. There is also the reduced half hex body. This nut is specifically designed and manufactured to deal with increased thread strength and torque capability. Its fasteners provide the ultimate in terms of spin-out resistance when threaded through or aligned with a hex hole. The hex body is ideally suited for thick wall constructions, creating the ultimate in tensile and push-out strength.

And if that’s not enough, no, certainly, it isn’t, the hexnut varieties come in steel, stainless steel, aluminum and brass. Catering for both size and weight, the hex body comes in a standard and heavy hex design. Heavy hex design features include a larger body diameter that gives off increased thread strength and torque capacity. This nut, and quite a few others besides, is matched for use with Property Class 5 and metric Class 8.8 mating hardware.

So, in case you miss the mark, there’s a grip ID included on the head of the fastener so you know what grip range identification you’ll be using. And that’s just about all there is to say about the hexnut at this time.